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What Can We Offer You...

Our 2023/2024 membership runs from the 1st of June 2023 to the 31st of May 2024.

As a valued member of Basingstoke Spurs, you will receive the following benefits: 

  • Home ticket priority period for Category B & C games (if you are a Hotspur or Hotspur+ member of THFC) sitting together with other Basingstoke Spurs members. 

  • Assistance to members in sharing tickets with fellow Basingstoke Spurs Season Ticket holders. 

  • Subscription to our quarterly emailed newsletter and regular e-mail updates.

  • Invitation to Monthly meetings

  • Exclusive entry into our new private Facebook group for paid members. (Group name: Official Basingstoke Spurs - Official Members).

  • Exclusive entry into our new Basingstoke Spurs WhatsApp messaging service updating you on upcoming events and meetings.

  • Most importantly you help to support an ever-growing and amazing Spurs community.

*Please note that you will also have to be a OneHotspur member to apply for match tickets via Basingstoke Spurs. OneHotpsur membership is available via Tottenham Hotspur. If you are not a OneHotspur member but will still like to join Basingstoke Spurs just put “123456” as your Client Reference number on our online membership. form.

Membership Fees:

New Members:

  • Adult - £20

  • Students & Seniors - FREE

New Family Members

  • 1 Adult + Juniors U16 Free - £20

  • 1 Adult + Partner - £30

How To Join Basingstoke Spurs

Our aim is to keep the good name of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club whilst also uniting together all Spurs fans from Basingstoke and North Hampshire.  We are looking forward to assisting members with ticket requirements and organising various Spurs related activities throughout the season.

If you are interested in joining Basingstoke Spurs, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Request to Download Basingstoke Spurs Application Form

  2. Print out the Basingstoke Spurs Application Form

  3. Fill out the form and select your membership options

  4. Hand your completed form to a Committee member (at The Chineham Arms Pub) with the correct fee (if applicable).

  5. Alternatively, post to the address on the form with cash or a cheque (again if a fee is applicable)

  6. Please answer YES/NO to ‘OPT IN’ so that you can receive emails from Basingstoke Spurs communications. If you do not then we cannot send you any further communications.


Here are the rules that every member of the NDSSC abides by.

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